Go Crazy with Crazy Eyes Contacts

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Crazy eyes contacts are slowly getting very famous and fashionable. If you want to give yourself that trendy look or want to get enamored, crazy contacts will be your best bet. So, let’s consider the ins and outs of crazy eyes contacts here.

What is a crazy eyes contact?

Scary contact lensesCrazy eyes contacts are the special effect contact lenses that can give eyes a weird theatrical look. It is just another funky looking accessory that gives you that uniqueness and theme, you wanted forever. Due to these special properties only, it has become a trend and is surging in popularity.

Usage of crazy eyes contacts

The usage of crazy contact lenses has broken the boundary that has been set for the conventional contact lenses. These are being popularly followed in occasion that you would not have imagined.

–    The most popular occasion is Halloween parties. These crazy eyes contacts come in wild shapes and color to be used to inspire fear from the onlooker’s.
–    There are different color contacts that you can use to match your dress, hair color, nail polish, etc. Now the color of your eyes through these lenses will give you an added feel of uniformity.
–    You can give a themed look to your eyes. There are theatrical contacts that come in flag colors for the patriotic occasions too.
–    If you or your child is going to take part in a play, there are special effect contacts to add to that personality.
–    In a party, just to get a unique feel and surprise your friend, you can get a unique special contact for yourself.

Types of crazy eyes contacts
There are different types of crazy eyes contacts according to different occasion and different themes. Here is a list of some of the popular ones.

  • Hypnotic eyes: This has a spiral pattern around your iris that can be used to wear in a party. A look on your eye will surprise your friend and who knows, you can even get some of your work done with hypnotism on anybody.
  • Halloween’s contacts: There are special Halloween’s contacts that will give a fearful look to your eyes. Bloodshed eye contacts, Cat eye contacts, wild vampire eye contacts are some of the samples.
  • Color contacts: These come in a variety of color to match the occasion, mood, your ambience and preferences. Most preferred are the green, blue, grey color contacts, which will keep your admirer guessing the real color of your eyes.
  • Happy face contacts: These go well to induce the force of your personality and your mood. A happy bright yellow color face will inspire a laugh on your onlookers.
  • Special unique lenses: There are other crazy eyes contacts that come with flags, special blackout effect, and wild contacts to be used at special occasion. Animal lovers can use zebra effect or jaguar print contacts.

Care to be taken before opting for crazy eyes contacts
Ensure to take advice from your optometrist before opting for crazy eyes contacts. They will give valuable suggestion that will go a long way maintaining safety of your eyes. Use quality contact lenses and inspect for damages and rough edges before wearing. Take care while using, while cleaning it with prescribed solutions.

The cost of these colored contact lenses is coming down and surely the popularity is surging for the fashionable look it provides. So, go for your special and unique crazy eyes contacts, however realizing the care for your eyes.

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Today we can see these crazy contacts in many colors and many patterns. These are best choice for the present day teenagers in gaining attention from the others. Many popular brands are producing these non-prescription contacts keeping in mind the present trend. These contacts are best to buy through online stores. Suitable colored contacts are always successful in bringing a special look for the wearer. Entertainment industry is already popular in using these special effect contact lenses in many horror movies.

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